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Here's where you'll find all the latest news and developments regarding the 2023 Great Exmoor Ride:

September 2023

GER Event Update

Entered riders will receive detailed pre-event briefing information a few days before the event itself - we'll do this in a timely manner that hopefully requires no further revision or amendments to avoid any possible confusion or misunderstanding about how things will operate on the day itself.

 And hopefully reading the briefing info shortly before the event will mean that it's fresh in riders' minds and, therefore, easier to remember on the day.

In the meantime we have updates on some other aspects of the event, as follows:


As described in more detail in our August post below, we've had to make an enforced change to the route this year but, barring any last-minute issues, the route is now confirmed.



Please note that the most up-to-date links are now available to download via our Route Details page, and we strongly recommend that anyone who has downloaded any of the links previously should do so again now just to ensure that they have the correct version for this year.

Of course the route will be fully signed as well with our branded direction arrows, and please be aware that the signage on the day always takes priority over the route downloads (to accommodate any very last-minute issues or needs that may arise).

There will be further route checks up to & including the day of the event and, while we don't anticipate any changes, any further adjustments will be notified via email to registered riders or, if absolutely necessary, on the day of the Ride itself.


Along the route there will be two official stops available exclusively for our riders - the first of these is at Brushford Parish Hall (c. 28 miles into the route), and the second stop is once again at the delightful Exford Bridge Tea Rooms (after 40 miles).

The stops are fairly close together in distance terms but there are limited options available along the route for decent facilities once up on Exmoor and there's also a fair bit of climbing in-between the two stops so it will probably seem further, and these two have served us very well in the past.


Riders will be able to top up water bottles and make use of toilet facilities at these locations, and there will also be a plentiful supply of food & drink available to buy at each location.  Mechanical support will also be available at these locations, if needed.

And, as always, we'll have hot food and bar facilities available for everyone at the finish - food for riders is FREE, and friends & family who gather at the finish are also welcome to purchase food and drink if they wish.

And, courtesy of our partners Sheppy's Cider, riders will also receive a FREE bottle of cider to take home along with their bespoke 2023 GER medal :)



Our aim is always to allow for a reasonable amount of spare capacity within the overall transport offering, however you should book ASAP via the Online Entry page if you wish to use this service and haven't booked it yet (please note that we'll be closing the service for advance bookings fairly soon).

Riders don't need to book a particular departure time so there's no pressure from that perspective, but obviously some departures may be busier than others - however there WILL be space on the day for everyone who's booked the service.

Where we do have space(s) on the transport service on the day we're very happy to accommodate people, it's just that we can't absolutely guarantee this and it should also be noted that, in any case, priority for each departure goes to people who have pre-booked the service.

Otherwise, we trust that anyone who hasn't booked this service has alternative plans in place for their journey home.

We hope all of the above makes sense and is clear, and further detailed information will follow for entered riders a few days before the event.

August 2023

2023 Route Confirmation

We're pleased to be able to confirm the exact route for this year's GER, and all the info & links etc that you need are now available on our Route Details page.

And, for anyone who's tackled the GER previously, please note that there is a bit of a change this year.



You may or may not be aware, but there's currently an indefinite road closure in place on a section of our traditional route between Watchet and Blue Anchor, and so we've had to amend the route to bypass this area completely.

It's obviously a reluctant change because we've always liked the coast road approach towards our finish line, however that road has now been deemed unsafe and at risk of potential collapse due to erosion issues in the area - and it's likely to remain closed for quite some time yet until a proper solution to the problem is found.

But we're confident that everyone will enjoy the new section that we've introduced just as much, and the change makes minimal difference to the overall distance and level of challenge that the GER provides :)

So please have a look at the amended 2023 route and, obviously, make sure that you're entered to rise to the challenge!

August 2023

2023 Rider Medal

As you can see below, our rather lovely 2023 rider medals have now arrived and one of these will be waiting at the finish for everyone who completes the 2023 Great Exmoor Ride :)


The general consensus every year is that the GER is most definitely a serious cycling challenge, so one thing's for sure - each & every one of these little beauties will be well & truly hard-earned by the time riders reach the finish line!

Also, we've got a quick update in terms of this year's route: there's a long-term road closure on a key part of our traditional route so we'll be making a small change this year and it will be confirmed shortly - but the good news is that it won't significantly affect the overall level of challenge that you'll have to overcome to earn your medal! :)

So, for now, just make sure that you're signed up for the Ride via our Online Entry page, and then get yourself ready for a BIG day out on your bike!

January 2023

2023 Rider Medal

We're pleased to say that we've finalised the design for our 2023 rider medal, and one of these fab-looking bespoke medals will be waiting at the finish for everyone who completes the 2023 GER :)


Previous participants will tell you that the Ride consists of a spectacular but also pretty challenging route and, while it's eminently do-able if you're properly prepared, once the climbing starts it keeps coming at you and it's undoubtedly a good test of anyone's cycling legs.

All of which means that it's definitely a significant personal challenge and you WILL know that you've well & truly earned your medal when you cross the finish line (but you'll also feel very pleased that you did it!) :)

So, to get your hands on one of these:

- make sure that you get signed up for the Ride (enter via our Online Entry page if you haven't done so yet);
- get some training in beforehand (the more you can do the easier it will feel!);
- and then just go out and rise to (and enjoy!) the challenge on the day.

And maybe see if you can get a few pals to do this with you - you'll be glad of the company, especially if (when?) the going gets tough, and it just makes a challenge like this even more enjoyable when you've got a few mates along with you.

We're seeing more & more groups riding together and it's clear what a difference it can make and also how much fun it is, and it's definitely the way to go!

So sign up NOW and make sure that one of these fab medals has got YOUR name on it!

July 2022

The Drinks Are On Us!

We've got some FREE cider to give away courtesy of our fab partnership with Sheppy's Cider - and you just need to be entered for the 2022 GER to be in with a chance of winning it!

You may have seen previously that Sheppy's is supporting us again this year and is already giving every rider a FREE bottle of excellent Sheppy's cider at the finish to help you to celebrate your achievement in conquering this testing cycling challenge.

Now, as well as that, we're going to give away a further 12 BOTTLES of Sheppy's gold medal-winning 200 Special Edition Cider - and these are simply going to go to one of this year's riders.



We'll be choosing a winner on Monday 15th August 2022, and every rider who's entered for the GER by noon on that date is eligible for the draw - so all you need to do is to make sure that you've got your entry in via our Online Entry page and your name will automatically go in the hat! :)

The lucky winner will be able to collect their cider on the day of the Ride (either at the start or finish) or, if that doesn't suit, we can arrange for it to be delivered - either way, someone's going to be set up very nicely indeed to celebrate their achievement at the Great Exmoor Ride!

To be eligible for this draw, just remember to make sure that you've got your entry in! :)

January 2022

Raise a Glass to Sheppy's Cider!

In a very welcome & positive start to 2022, we're absolutely delighted to confirm that Taunton-based Sheppy's Cider will be proactively supporting the Great Exmoor Ride again this year.




This means that Sheppy's Cider will be available on draught from the GER's exclusive event bar at the seafront finish in Blue Anchor, so riders can look forward to sinking a refreshing pint (or two!) of Somerset's best craft cider to celebrate their achievements after a very rewarding and enjoyable day in the saddle.

And that's not all - Sheppy's has also once again very kindly agreed to give riders a FREE bottle of cider to take away with them to further aid their post-Ride recovery and celebrations! :)



Sheppy's Cider produce a wide range of award-winning premium ciders from apples grown in their own Somerset orchards, and this is about as local a partnership as you can get with Sheppy's House of Cider HQ just down the road from the GER start in Taunton.

In fact, for another good day out the House of Cider itself is well worth a visit: it houses a delightful farm shop, deli, restaurant and museum, and the orchards themselves are open for visits and tours - including, of course, a guided cider-tasting option!

We really couldn't wish for a better Partner than Sheppy's Cider who are simply Somerset through & through, and we'll now be exploring even more ways to add value to this year's GER.

So it's all-round great news for our riders and an excellent way to start the year, and if you've not entered yet get your entry in ASAP via our Online Entry page to make sure that one of those free bottles of cider has got YOUR name on it!


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