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Please see below for information on the support provided during the Ride:

Mechanical, medical, and recovery services will all be available during the Ride, should riders need them. All services will be provided as quickly as possible if/when needed, but riders are asked to understand that there may be a wait involved while vehicles are despatched to their location.


There will also be official refreshment stops, clearly-visible route signage, and static marshals at appropriate points along the route. And our popular mobile 'Rider Marshals' will also be back once again this year, providing advice and support along the way!




There will be a fully-equipped mobile mechanical support service operating on the route to assist riders with minor repairs and adjustments etc and, where appropriate, to supply and fit replacement parts. The mechanics will attend riders on any part of the route, as required. Riders simply need to ring the General Assistance contact number provided on the day and assistance will be despatched.


There will also be a static mechanical support service available at the first official refeshment stop in Burrington Combe, to assist with any mid-ride adjustments, checks or set-up needs that riders might have.


The mobile mechanical support service is provided free of charge (although any replacement or spare parts that are needed will have to be paid for).


Mechanics will also be on hand at the start of the Ride for any last-minute checks or adjustments prior to departure (although all riders are strongly advised to ensure that their bike is roadworthy in advance of the Ride).




There will be a fully-equipped mobile medical support service in operation throughout the route, and this service will be capable of assisting with First Aid requirements and more serious medical situations.


Riders simply need to ring the Emergency Assistance contact number provided on the day and assistance will be despatched.




A 'broom wagon' service will be in operation, and this service will be able to assist any rider(s) that is/are unable to complete the Ride for whatever reason.


Riders simply need to ring the General Assistance contact number provided on the day and assistance will be despatched as quickly as possible.




There will be two official designated refreshment stops along the route, the first at Burrington Combe (18 miles) and the second in Blackford (37 miles).


Please note that these are not traditional 'feed stations' but water and toilet facilities will be available at both stops, as well as free tea and coffee at the second stop, and riders will also be able to purchase any food or snacks etc that they may require.


The Burrington Inn at the bottom of Burrington Combe is the location of the first stop and the mechanic on hand will provide full mechanical assistance where required, as well as water/energy drink to top up drinks bottles. The Burrington Inn itself is very kindly providing access for riders to its toilet facilities, and there are also public toilet facilities just past the Inn (by the cattle grid).


Riders are advised to bring their own food and snacks etc for during the Ride and there will also be free protein balls available at the Ride start but, for anyone who's still hungry, the Inn will be open and they sell a range of snacks, bars, cakes, sandwiches and hot meals etc and riders are welcome to buy what they want.


NB Anyone who is doing any of the additional route options MUST stop at this first pit stop to top up water bottles at the very least, particularly in warm weather conditions.


Hugh Sexey School in Blackford is the second stop and again water and toilet facilities will be available at the school. There's also free tea and coffee for riders, and delicious homemade cakes and snacks (bacon rolls etc) will be available to purchase.


Obviously, there are a number of other places (shops and pubs etc) en route where riders may also choose to stop to rest and/or to replenish supplies, and there will also be food and bar facilities available on the Beach Lawns at the end of the Ride exclusively for the use of riders and their supporters (family, friends, etc).




The route will be clearly marked with visible directional arrows. YELLOW signs with a large black arrow will indicate the standard (main) route, and the signs will also carry the Great Weston Ride logo. Please note that the optional sections along the route will be marked with BLUE signs with black arrows (again with the GWR logo) until the section re-joins the main (yellow) route. NB only follow the BLUE signs if you want to do additional distance & climbing!


Riders are advised that there are several quite long stretches on the route and they should not be alarmed if they don't see a sign for a while. The golden rule is to stay on the road you're on until/unless you see a sign indicating otherwise.


And the printed logo on the sign should help to identify if any sign has been tampered with - the logo at all times should be normally legible, ie. reading horizontally from left to right (not vertical or upside down).




Static marshals will be positioned at key points along the route but please note they are NOT there to stop traffic. Their role is merely to assist riders where possible and to make other road users aware of the fact that an event is taking place.


They may advise riders whether it is safe or not to cross a road, but riders are responsible at all times for their own safety and they must decide for themselves whether any particular movement is safe. At no stage should riders expect or demand that marshals stop motorists.


Riders must obey the Highway Code and are asked to ride considerately and sensibly at all times.


Finally, we'll also once again have a number of experienced mobile 'Rider Marshals' along the route, and they will be there to assist, accompany and/or encourage riders as needed.


Enjoy the Ride!


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